Thursday, September 15, 2005

Chrysalix announces three investments: Cyrium, SiM Composites, and Ardica

Haven't been able to find it posted anywhere on the web yet, but today the clean energy VC firm Chrysalix Energy Management announced three new investments:
  • SiM Composites, which the Chrysalix release describes as "creating unprecedented proton exchange materials based upon multifunctional silica and polymer." Mike Walkinshaw of Chrysalix is quoted as predicting that,
"We expect to see SiM's membranes revolutionize many proton exchange membrane markets due to their improved performance and lower cost. Their technology could have a significant impact on fuel cells for stationary and automotive applications as well as membranes for water desalination."
No information on the financial details of these rounds was provided in the release.

[Note: edited 9/19 to correct some information from the companies]


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