Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Advanced materials: NanoSteel

Advanced materials can be an interesting investment area for cleantech investors. Intersecting somewhat with nanotech and other cleantech segments, breakthroughs in advanced materials can yield products that have lower toxicity, lower costs, and/or greater efficiency in usage than existing materials.

One case in point is today's announcement that EnerTech and MILCOM Technologies have invested in a "midsized round" of financing for NanoSteel. NanoSteel's proprietary technology for steel fabrication results in lower weight, stronger steel with less chromium exposure for those that work with the metal.

Here's a great quote from Vincenzo LaRuffa of EnerTech:

"I think a really interesting application in particular is reducing the amount of steel in an automobile, and the massive fuel savings that could lead to. While a bit on the horizon, it was very core to our investment thesis. In many ways it’s a far more compelling solution than hybrids or fuel cells."

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