Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Linkin' Around

  • And here's another piece that explicitly links the Katrina events to an upsurge in interest in clean energy. [Daily reminder: Give to Katrina relief efforts, such as those being undertaken by the Red Cross here]
  • Are we nearing a new era of building coal-fired power plants? That could have significant implications for a wide range of companies in the cleantech universe: Positive, for those that address coal-fired power technologies specifically; and perhaps Negative, for those in other technology areas who are counting on the cost of wholesale grid electricity rising significantly.
  • Finally, I stumbled upon the BlogShares site for Cleantech Investing. I have no idea what this is, how blogs are valued, or why anyone would be trading virtual shares of blogs to begin with, but it looks entertaining... If anyone out there is making money off this thing, please donate to the relief effort?


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