Sunday, March 25, 2007

The week that was

Tough week for posting this past week -- here's the overdue catch-up:
  • PE Hub is reporting that Advanced Electron Beams (AEB) has raised a $17.5mm Series B, led by RockPort Capital, and including existing investors Atlas Ventures and General Catalyst. This follows a $10mm Series A in 2005. The company's technology has applications in sterilization, polymer treatment, and pollution (VOCs) abatement.
  • Smart-grid technology developer Serveron announced a $5mm inside round of financing. The company's investors include El Dorado Investment Company, Nth Power LLC, Cascadia Pacific Management, Oregon Life Sciences LLC, Perseus 2000 Expansion LLC, Siemens Venture Capital and Ventures West Management LLC.
  • inge AG, a Bavarian ultrafiltration technology developer with applications in water treatment, raised a 6mm euro round of financing. Stonefund NV and Dutch Entrepreneurs Fund BV were new investors that came in as part of the round, and existing investors Siemens Venture Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, SPG Private Investments Ltd., and Taprogge Watertech GmbH also participated.
  • Siemens Venture Capital also announced an investment in energy monitoring company Prenova, with a $3mm round of financing. The company's systems predict failures in energy-related assets.
  • The Brazilian Renewable Energy Company, or BRENCO, raised a $200mm financing via placement of common shares. The company will be developing sugarcane-based ethanol production facilities. According to Goldman Sachs, Vinod Khosla, Steve Case, Ron Burkle, James Wolfensohn, and Steven Bing were all investors in the placement. While $200mm was raised in this placement, "$2 billion is the target."
Other news and notes: An interesting column on how the growth of cleantech venture investing has led to a big uptake in related IP legal work... More momentum building behind climate-related policy shifts... An article on the role of business plan competitions and cleantech startups... B-school student readers take note: Lightspeed's Summer Startup Grants... Are gas prices going to be even higher this summer than in recent years?... The latest on the hydrogen highway -- 2025 target for fuel cell cars -- in the meantime, VCs are backing electric vehicles... Finally, Tim Draper on cleantech, and Tim Draper on The Riskmaster.


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