Monday, February 12, 2007

Targeted Growth, EoPlex and other news

  • Targeted Growth, which is pursuing genetic enhancement of biofuels feedstocks, announced a $22.3mm Series D. The company claims their approach can increase yields by 20%. Capricorn Management and AllianceBernstein led the round, and GrowthWorks Canadian Fund, Integra Ventures, WRF Capital, and Investment Saskatchewan also participated.
  • An advanced materials company, EoPlex, announced an $8mm Series C, led by ATA Ventures. DFJ, Labrador Ventures, and Draper-Richards also participated. The company's 3D ceramic-metal miniaturized devices have energy-related applications, such as fuel cell reformers, self-powered sensors, LEDs, and others.
Other news and notes: Vinod is moving -- perhaps in a green limo?... With all the controversy about ethanol, here's a good overview of where the technology is in its development cycle... And on the same topic, one cellulosic ethanol player is buying another -- could more consolidation be looming?... Here's Tyler's take on the Gore-Branson $25mm atmospheric carbon sequestration prize... Finally, first Willie, now Merle -- could Kenny Rogers be far behind?


Blogger anders said...

Do look for investment withing production of green tech - no pain added - to eliminate CO2 emissions from traffic. Ecological gasoline at $2/gallon is possible. Make it possible.

Look for a biogasoline or biodiesel or bio-jetfuel at your local market in 2008.

6:53 PM  

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