Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shriram EPC and Barnabus Energy, plus a Yale VC panel

Two interesting deals from recent news:
  • India-based Shriram EPC announced they took in a significant amount of funding (about $22.4mm, if I've understood the conversions correctly) from Bessemer Venture Partners. The deal would appear to have had a pre-money valuation of around $45mm (off of current fiscal year revenues of around $34mm, for those of you out there looking for comps). Shriram constructs steel plants, biomass power plants, wind power plants, and does other infrastructure-related activities including sewer line repair.
  • Barnabus Energy (soon to be known as Open Energy Corp.) took in $15mm in funding commitments from Cornell Capital Partners, in the form of convertible debentures. Barnabus/OEC appears to be positioning itself to be a bit of a roll-up play in renewables. Cornell Capital Partners also funded XsunX last year in a similar transaction.
Also, stumbled across this description of a recent panel discussion on "green" venture investing, including panelists George McNamee of FA Technology Ventures, Paul Repetto of Greenmont Capital Partners, and Liddy Karter of Karter Capital Advisors LLC. No real surprises, but still interesting to read.


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It is extremely hard to get energy technology low, median and upper quartile pre-money numbers for early stage companies with no revenues, a prototype and strong management. Do you have any rough numbers you can share with us?


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