Friday, October 28, 2005

Atlantium raises $4-5M Series A -- maybe?

[10/28 update: After posting the following entry, we received word that the cited article announcing the raise was wrong on a number of points -- so read it how you will!]

Atlantium, which manufactures UV-based water disinfection systems, is reportedly on the verge of raising a $4-5M Series A, to be led by Pitango Venture Capital, and including VantagePoint Venture Partners, Aurum-SBC Ventures, and existing private investors. Interesting to see this story, which doesn't appear to be based on any announcement from the company or the purported funders, it's unclear who told the online journal about the round... Hence the uncertainty about the final amount of the raise.

Regardless of details, ultraviolet-based disinfection of drinking water is an area that has garnered some attention from cleantech investors, because it is generally chemical-free and can be used closer to point of use, among other benefits.


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