Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cleantech incubator for Sonoma County?

In news of interest to northern California and bay area cleantech followers, we've recently heard about a forthcoming incubator/ real estate development ("Sonoma Mountain Village") which Codding Enterprises is planning to build.

Codding Enterprises is a local developer, whose CEO Brad Baker is also a partner at American Biodiesel, and you can see a pdf presentation about the Village here. The intention is to provide working space, (relatively) inexpensive living space for workers, and other support for cleantech, socially-responsible and other startup businesses. The site is a former Agilent campus. There's also a description in this article from back in May, along with some news about some potential (as well as some no longer interested) tenants. It's unclear what kind of funding, if any, will be part of the "incubator" offering, but Business Cluster Development (BCD) of Menlo Park is pulling together the business plan.

We also hear from Robert Coleman at the Pacific Venture Club that Baker will soon be featured as one of their internet audio programs, where he's been invited to describe the project, so look for that in the coming weeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent some time in Sonoma last year, and it was very nice precisely because it didn't have all the business parks and sprawl that one sees between SF and San Jose. There is no stopping progress ;-) but I hope it is not the beginning of the end for Sonoma.

4:45 AM  

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