Monday, August 08, 2005

If you have 18 minutes to kill...

For those who may be interested, the Pacific Venture Club has put an audio interview with yours truly up on their website (self-promotion alert), discussing trends in clean technology investing. It's an honor to be included in PVC's ongoing interview series -- look for an upcoming interview with Brad Baker, President and CEO of Codding Enterprises, and Co-Founder and Chair of American Biodiesel, which promises to be very interesting.

The PVC used to hold regular venture capital get-togethers in the bay area, and now appears to be enjoying a bit of a rejuvenation through the web -- in addition to the audio interview series mentioned above, they are providing an online gathering place for entrepreneurs and investors in the region, as well as some other nice features. Robert Coleman, the head of the PVC, says that they are looking to create "the Craig's List for venture capital," which would be great to see. It's worth checking out their website; and there's a link to Robert's blog over on the right side of this page -->


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