Friday, June 03, 2005

Enerpulse takes in an additional $2M from Altira

Following on some successful tests of their technology, and a commitment made by Altira Group last year, Enerpulse announced earlier this week that they have taken in a second tranche of funding from Altira, in the amount of $2M.

Enerpulse has an innovative sparkplug design that improves fuel efficiency. For transportation industries, even a small gain in fuel efficiency (Enerpulse claims 2.7% gains) -- particularly in the current market conditions -- can be a big deal for the bottom line... Delivery trucks and other such vehicles use a lot of fuel.

Enerpulse reports they will soon be going out for a Series B round of $3-5M, and they expect to launch their first commercial products late this year or in 2006.

[Note: Edited 6/5 to better reflect the applications that Enerpulse's product can address. Thanks to Derek for calling me on it.]


Blogger Derek said...

strangly, most trucks, trains and airplanes don't use gas. They use diesel (or jet fuel), and diesel doesn't use spark plugs. I wonder who else would use it.

12:02 AM  
Blogger Rob Day said...

Good point, Derek. It should be noted that the Enerpulse test was performed on a pickup truck, and the product is aimed as gas-powered cars and trucks, presumably including many delivery and fleet vehicles... The reference to "long-haul" vehicles was my own misinterpretation, I will correct it.

12:22 AM  

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