Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why cleantech is a compelling investment area

Shameless self-promotion alert... but I did think this article might be of interest to Cleantech Investing readers.

In the latest LOHAS Journal (not yet available online), a couple of the partners here at Expansion Capital Partners have written a very nice and succinct description of clean technology and why it makes a compelling venture investment area right now.

You can find a link to a pdf of the article here, in the latest TBLI Group Brooklyn Bridge Newsletter, check it out. The article was written for a "socially responsible investor" ("SRI") audience, but also speaks to why cleantech should be a strong opportunity even for investors who aren't using any kind of environmental or social screening methodology.

And of course, the actress Daryl Hannah is also featured on the cover of the that issue of the LOHAS Journal, as you'll see...


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