Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Given the increased interest in clean energy, and clean technologies in general, it seemed time to devote a space to sharing the latest cleantech investing news with friends and colleagues. As usual, I nominated myself...

First, a bit of background. I am a Principal with Expansion Capital Partners (note: Who have nothing to do with this blog), a cleantech-focus venture capital firm. I'm based out of San Francisco, and we also have an office in New York. What is "cleantech"? We tend to define cleantech as technologies that:

- Use energy, water and other raw materials more efficiently and productively,
- Deliver equal or superior performance,
- Improve customer profitability, through cost reduction and/or increased revenues, and
- Create less waste or toxicity

As you might imagine, this covers a lot of industries, from clean energy to clean water to clean manufacturing, etc.

I plan on using this space to aggregate various news stories of interest for cleantech investors (or perhaps just myself). Studies, news stories, and simple commentary. Comments are always welcome...

- Rob


Blogger CleanOceanGuy said...


This is a great idea that has been a long time coming. Looking forward to the insights and dialogue.


4:06 PM  

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