Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Technology Partners' $300mm Fund VIII, and other news

Technology Partners, probably best known to cleantech investors as the home of cleantech champion Ira Ehrenpreis, announced today the closing of their newest fund at $300mm. The fund will be equally directed toward cleantech and life sciences investments, and they've already made four investments (including two in cleantech: Tesla, and a "stealth" solar company, according to the press release), so the fund has been closed for some time prior to this announcement. Ira also has joined the Board of the NVCA and mentioned that he's helping them pull together the new-ish Cleantech Council. Cheers to Ira and the rest of the Tech Partners team!

A couple of recently announced deals to note:
  • Cnano Technology, which is developing low-cost carbon nanotubes for a variety of applications (including some related to cleantech), announced a $6mm round of financing. The funding was co-led by CMEA Ventures and Pangaea Ventures, and also included WI Harper.
  • HaloSource, a developer of antimicrobial coatings and drinking water treatment products, has raised a $15mm round of financing (VWire identified it as a Series C) from the Masdar Clean Tech Fund. The company's products are aimed at the developing economies.

Other news and notes: In case you missed it last week, Neal Dikeman had a very interesting scoop about IBM and their solar plans... Coal power already becoming obsolete?... Joel on the current state of "green business"... Ladies and gentlemen, your 2007 California Clean Tech Open finalists... Finally, Jack Bauer, eco-hero?


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