Thursday, February 01, 2007

HydroPoint and Metafoam

  • "Smart irrigation" system provider HydroPoint announced a $19mm Series C, led by RockPort Capital, with participation by Chrysalix, Firelake Strategic Technology Fund, Monitor Ventures, Shea Ventures, and the Toro Company. The company's products and systems not only help increase water usage efficiency; the resulting water savings also have significant energy savings impacts.
  • Metafoam Technologies announced a C$3.4mm Series A, by BDC Venture Capital, FIER ID, MSBi Capital, and M&M Investments. The company's metal foam products claim higher specific surface area and lower costs versus current approaches -- such products would have applications in water treatment, hydrogen production (via electrolysis), and other potential clean technologies.
  • Those with access to VentureWire got to read some very cautionary words from Greylock's Bill Helman today, on the subject of overcapitalization in venture capital in general, and cleantech in particular. Referring to the ramp-up in funding for biofuels, solar, and other energy tech, "It's a group-think mentality beyond belief," Bill was quoted as saying. The full article is good food for thought, worth tracking down.
  • Contrast the above with another VentureWire column from yesterday, discussing Robeco Private Equity's $500mm cleantech fund of funds currently being raised. Robeco looked at 80 to 100 applicable cleantech funds last year, and they see the industry shifting from an "R&D" (long time to market) stage 5-7 years ago, to a period now where the backed technologies take 3-5 years to commercialization. Two smart perspectives, one pessimistic, one optimistic, but they aren't necessarily divergent from each other either.
Other news and notes: This is big news for any cleantech companies looking at WalMart as a potential channel or customer... And the public consensus on climate change continues to come together.


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How dependent are the optimists or the pessimists on the cost and reliability of traditional energy sources?

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