Thursday, August 10, 2006

Q2 was yet another big month for cleantech: CTVN claims $843mm invested

News released today by the Cleantech Venture Network says total VC investments in cleantech were $843mm in Q2, a 64% increase over Q1 (which itself was no slouch). There's been a lot of talk about the various available data sources out there, but without a doubt this is big news (CTVN claims this makes the sector the third largest right now, behind Biotech and Software). This makes eight straight quarters of growth.

Breaking down the numbers a bit, clean energy remains the biggest sector, at $594mm, but the growth in that category (at 69% over Q1) was comparable to the overall cleantech sectoral growth, which means that other categories must have seen strong growth as well, despite being less-publicized.

From Nick Parker: "We are seeing significant growth in other cleantech segments such as agriculture, environmental IT, transportation and water."

Welcome signs of further increased investor interest and market growth, no matter how inclusive or specific you prefer your cleantech investment numbers.


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