Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Keronite, Ze-Gen, Start Green, and various backlogged news items

  • Keronite, which is using a plasma electrolytic oxidation process to improve the surface characteristics of aluminum and magnesium so they can be used in place of heavier steel, raised a GBP10.2mm private placement. The major funders included Hotbed business angels, RAB Capital, Bank of Scotland Growth Equity, Quester, Fidelity, and New Star. GBP5.5mm will be used to pay off shareholder loans and bridge financing.
  • Yet another new cleantech investor on the European scene, as Start Green has been formed in the Netherlands. The firm plans to deploy 8mm euro into sustainable technology startups in the region. Fortis Venturing, Triodos Innovation Fund, and DOEN Participaties have provided the funds.
  • Energy storage news: Good articles with updates on energy storage technologies here and here...


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