Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hycrete, Kergy and other news

  • Hycrete, which provides waterproofing and anti-corrosion materials for concrete, announced a Series B financing (amount undisclosed) by NGEN and Rockport. The company's additives can eliminate the need for membranes and other materials in construction, as well as providing other benefits such as extending structural lifetime, etc. Notably, green architect (and "cradle to cradle" proponent) Bill McDonough is an advisor to the company. This also seems like a useful excuse to point out this article on green buildings in NYC.
Some other news and notices:
  • And in news of cleantech efforts outside of the Bay Area, Tyler Hamilton had this useful article about the rapid rise of cleantech investing up in Canada. You can also see his blog post about it here.
Other notes: Given the overlaps between nanotech and cleantech (here's yet another example), it's useful to note that overall investments in nanotech seem to have declined 39% in the first half of the year.... Add another VC to the cleantech investor list: DCM's Hurst Lin says they're looking to invest in "traditional industries" (including clean energy technologies) in China... "There's a lot of vibration in this space."... The solar consolidation trend continues -- this time it's a financial group moving downstream into installation services, interestingly... Treehugger interviews Joel Makower... Lastly, solar panels and wind power are "urgently requested" to save lives: the US Army wants more renewable energy systems in Iraq. At $100/gallon, it makes sense, and it's yet another validation that these clean energy technologies are accepted and ready for prime time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
Kergy launched a website today at

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VInod reveals Kergy!! His big article in the new Wired tells all. It's anaerobic gasification of biomass to make CO and H2 (syngas) which is then "reconstituted" into alcohols ("Biohols"). The Wired article gives much more technical detail than the new website. (Wired will post the article on Oct 3

I wonder if they know about the several competing processes that do exactly the same thing.

1:15 AM  

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