Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Biorem, Biox and other news

  • (self-promotion alert) It was recently announced that Expansion Capital Partners' Clean Technology Fund II, LP has agreed to purchase an additional 1,700,000 shares in Biorem Inc. Biorem's proprietary biofiltration media is used to control air pollution in municipal and industrial applications. They're publicly-traded on the TSX Venture (BRM.V). This agreement would bring Expansion Capital's total ownership up to 25.9% of outstanding shares.
  • Courtesy of Tyler: Another Canadian cleantech company, Biox Corp., raised C$70mm, including C$48mm from Birch Hill Equity Partners. The company's proprietary biodiesel production process has already been implemented in one commercial scale plant in Ontario.

Other news and notes: Solar in California got a boost with the recent signing of the new state solar law -- but the really interesting data is found here, where Excel junkies can download several years' worth of solar system sizing and cost data for the state... Zenergy becomes the latest cleantech company to do an AIM listing... Finally, looking forward to seeing everyone for the Antenna Group - Renewable Energy Business Network happy hour at the 111 Minna Gallery tonight at 6pm.


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