Friday, July 14, 2006

NStructures, Li*on Cells, Memphis Biofuels, and Metabolix

A couple of unannounced deals brought to light by PE Week Wire (and VentureReporter*) this week:
  • NStructures, which is developing some kind of photovoltaic technology that is not discussed anywhere I've found, has raised $3.15mm of a $6.3mm Series A round, with this initial amount provided by Khosla Ventures and Braemar Energy Ventures, according to PEWW.
  • Li*on, which is developing advanced lithium ion batteries (aimed at least partially at the electric vehicle market, according to this article), has raised $3.6mm in a Series A from Battery Ventures and Nth Power (again, according to PEWW).
  • Another biodiesel manufacturer has gotten started up: Memphis Biofuels has gotten funding from Cohen & Co. to get started up with a 36mm gpy facility. The main advantage the company appears to be looking to capture is geographical location.
  • Finally, it's not a private funding event, but it's worth noting cleantech investors' exits as well: Metabolix, which develops bio-based plastics and polymers and has partnered with ADM, has filed for an $86.25mm IPO. The Vertical Group and Westfield Capital are backers of the company, which was launched in 1994.
[*7/17 update, rd]


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