Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Carbon Trust and Pemeas; news and follow-ups

  • German fuel cell component maker PEMEAS announced a 6mm euro raise from existing investors. This brings the total invested to date in the company up to 26mm euro. Existing investors include BankInvest, Conduit Ventures, S.A.M., CDP Capital, InfraServ Hochst, and Celanese AG.
  • On the subject of ethanol, the buzz continues. There seems to be an interesting schism in the public discourse, however. On the one hand, the debate continues about whether corn-based ethanol is a net positive or negative. And yet others have decided that debate is moot and have moved onto discussions about the feasibility of cellulosic ethanol. Certainly this latter perspective has captured the attention of a lot of venture investors. Jim at The Energy Blog has a good post discussing the DOE's cellulosic ethanol roadmap.
[7/16 update: For a fun read, check out the series of ethanol-related interviews at GoG2G -- The anti-ethanol researchers have their say, and then get taken on by Vinod...]

Other notes: CNet's has a good article covering a lot of ground, related to investing and climate change, check it out... GreenShift shift: Cleantech investor transitioning to operating company... Here's a good update on the state of lithium ion battery technology... Last but definitely not least, how to rock out in a carbon neutral way!


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