Sunday, April 30, 2006

Advanced Glazings, and other news

  • A couple of good general cleantech articles recently worth noting: First, see this column by Peter Fusaro, aimed primarily at the mainstream utility industry. It's a fairly optimistic take on the cleantech movement. Next, there's this article, which provides a more sober take, specifically from the VC's perspective. Both are worth checking out.
  • Always thought-provoking, Joel Makower opines here on the emergence of "patient capital" as an investment class. Interesting to contrast his take with the two aforementioned general cleantech articles... [Self-promotion alert: I'm going to be taking part on Joel's panel at the upcoming Investors Circle conference, which should be an engaging session]
  • While this site purposefully avoids discussions of public policy, they do impact cleantech markets. So sometimes it's useful to pass along articles with good overviews and updates, such as this BusinessWeek article discussing federal policies toward energy efficiency technologies.


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