Friday, February 10, 2006

Notable stories from the week

  • SmartMoney posted this good interview with Tim Woodward of Nth Power, one of the best-known energy tech pureplay VCs. Worth checking out...
  • Great article on the intersection of cleantech, nanotech and advanced materials.
  • Amusing reads: Herb Greenberg slams ECD (sub req'd). Huge Brita filters for St. Paul, MN? And for those with a particular interest in following the vagaries of oil prices and their impact on the economy, here's an interesting analysis of last year's predictions, and a forecast for this year from an admitted pessimist... "From the very first time I cranked up my oil depletion model in 2003, the events of this year have exuded a bad karma. Although I have fine-tuned my model over a hundred times, the result is always the same. 2006 does not look good." Perhaps "amusing read" isn't the best label...


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