Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nanotech debate continues, solar momentum questions, and Safe Hydrogen

  • As we've mentioned before, there is both great optimism (see posts here, here and here) and great concern about the green and clean potential for nanotechnology. Thanks to Charlie Kireker for pointing out this NPR coverage of the topic, spurred by a recent report by a former EPA staffer. It's a good, brief recap of the ongoing debate, which cleantech investors should be paying careful attention to...
  • Safe Hydrogen, LLC has raised $308k from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust SEED (Sustainable Energy Economic Development) Program. The capital will be used to finish an ongoing demonstration project of the company's hydrogen storage technology, which should be interesting to track, as storage is one of the critical roadblocks to the emergence of a "hydrogen economy".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you think about the latest California's Solar Program? I mean, it's great and there's a lot of money that are going to enter in the market, but in Europe the most successful programs (Germany and Spain, and now also Italy) do not give money for the system but for each kilowatt you produce with your PV system. And they favorite small systems and private citiziens first. Japan is doing the same too.
In this way investors have a more clear investing horizon and certain incomes.

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