Friday, December 23, 2005

Recent articles of interest

The articles of interest have built up a bit with the time away. Here are some that may be of interest to cleantech investors:
  • Bob Bellemare of Utilipoint provides a succinct overview of the various government subsidies in support of solar power installation, discusses the likelihood of their continuation and their likely evolution, and generally points to continued growth of the industry.
  • MIT Technology Review discusses the efforts Siemens is making toward a vision of ubiquitous sensing, a technology we've discussed here before that is a good example of a cleantech "enabler".
  • The LA Times discussed how the Kyoto Protocol treaty, even if not ratified by the U.S., is still having a significant impact on U.S. businesses and clean technologies. The increased role of London's AIM exchange is also mentioned...
  • Here's a terrific overview of the status and economics of fuel cell technology. Bookmark this one, if this is a topic important to you.


Blogger Thomas McAndrew said...

I find the MIT article on sensor networks very interesting. On one hand, you have a technology looking for a market. It appears that the technology is viable and the costs are quickly declining. On the other, you have a problem looking for a solution: the lack of storage in the electricity market, which necessity the use of dirty, inefficient power plants to answer what appears to be inelastic demand at the daily peaks (late afternoon summer and morning winter). It is almost as if the technology side is speaking a different language than the electricity market. I think “comfortstat” sounds cool…but the real killer app for sensor and control wireless mesh networks is finely tuned response of electrical demand to grid price signals {at these peaks} and/or ambient conditions, me thinks…

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