Monday, October 31, 2005

CropSolution, Vycon and In-Pipe

  • CropSolution, which develops advanced, more efficient herbicides, pesticides, and other agricultural products, has apparently raised a $2.9M Series C round, according to PE Week Wire. This brings the total funding into the company since 2002 to $14.3M. Investors include The Aurora Funds and ATP Capital.
  • Also from the same PE Week Wire column: Vycon, which is developing flywheel technology for energy storage in large-scale applications, has apparently raised a $2.5M Series A. Investors include BankInvest, RWE Dynamics Venture Capital Management, Sumitomo Corp., Cooper Capital Partners and Tridus International -- Vycon has been a division of Calnetix, a technology development company focused on motors and electric components, and it is unclear what the current ownership of Vycon amounts to.
  • In-Pipe Technology, which offers wastewater treatment systems, announced a $3.5M Series A, from "a group of institutional investors". In-Pipe's system combines technology and microbial solutions to move early stages of treatment up into the wastewater collection system, improving the efficiency of operations at the downstream centralized wastewater treatment systems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the value of In-Pipe Technology that anyone would invest 3.5 million in bacteria that are indiginous to the system delivered by a battery powered pump.

11:05 PM  

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