Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday tidbits

Here are a few recent news items of potential interest:
  • Another "introduction to cleantech investing" article, this time by SNL Interactive. Some good quotes by Keith Raab at the Cleantech Venture Network, and an interesting investment criteria checklist from GE Energy Financial Services. A decent overview, although it would have been nice if they had also listed Expansion Capital Partners among those active in the space, of course... A strong list and good article nonetheless.
  • Here's an interesting blurb on recent advancements in small-scale wind turbines. As the electricity grid gets more decentralized and distributed generation becomes more prevalent, there will be a lot of technology options at play for small-scale generation. Solar is currently taking off, some are betting heavily on solid oxide fuel cells and similar technologies, microturbines have gotten some attention, and it's always interesting to hear about more such potential technologies such as micro-wind. Put this one in the "on the distant horizon" file...


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