Friday, May 13, 2005

More institutional investors pledge capital for clean technologies

Last year, the cleantech investing world was bolstered by the news that CalPERS and CalSTRS have pledged to devote $1.5B to investments in clean energy. A significant portion of this is to be invested through venture capital firms.

Now early word has come out of additional institutional investors pledging similar large amounts of capital for the same purposes (exactly how additive the new pledges are isn't clear from the article). If true, it means a broadening of the commitment out of California's state institutions, into other states' and countries' employee pension funds, etc.

Money talks. As more money is increasingly eartagged for clean energy, it will continue to drive venture investor interest in the space, and encourage entrepreneurs and researchers to build new clean energy enterprises.

This is great news. It would be even better to see similar pledges and efforts in clean water technologies and other clean technologies.


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