Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ion America emerges from stealth mode

Here's an article which mentions that Ion America (the "stealth" solid oxide fuel cell company at Moffett Field that is backed by John Doerr and others including Cypress Semiconducts) will soon be placing a demonstration unit at Cypress's campus in San Jose. It will be a small unit (only 5kW), and represents just a nice small positive step for the company.

What's interesting is that now Ion America is finally starting to emerge from its "stealth mode", a period which had seen a lot of speculation (such as this post on SiliconBeat). Whereas now you're actually seeing quotes from Ion America management -- who are now also being seen out and about at industry events and local cleantech meet-ups -- and acknowledgement of certain financial backers. Does this mean the company feels it's getting close to ready for prime time? Or simply a recognition that Ion America has been the biggest open "secret" in the fuel cell industry for some time now?

The BizJournals article is also a general good overview of the SOFC market, mentioning several other companies in the space.


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