Wednesday, May 18, 2005

CABA looking for VCs to participate in a "pitch-fest" on intelligent buildings

On Sunday, June 26th in Anaheim, the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is going to be holding a VC pitch-and-feedback session where four pre-selected firms seeking funding will get the chance to present to a handful of VCs interested in the space.

CABA is pleased to invite your company to take part in an exciting session where you will have an opportunity to pitch your innovative intelligent building technologies to a team of venture capital (VC) professionals.

These investment professionals are interested in exploring the next wave of intelligent building technology innovations. They will offer constructive feedback, move-forward strategies on how to better prepare presentations to VCs. There will also be an open discussion that will give you a perspective on the key drivers fueling investment for tomorrow's buildings.

VCs who are interested in participating should contact David Dern at CABA for more details. I believe they are still soliciting applications from companies interested in being one of the companies pitching the VCs as well...


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