Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A few smaller news items

It's been quiet on the cleantech deal front so far this week (at least as far as any official announcements go), but here are some news tidbits you may have missed:
  • PolyFuel, a manufacturer of membranes for fuel cells, has been named one of the two hundred Finalists for the Red Herring 100 Private Companies of North America award program. Not a huge announcement, but it does serve as a useful opportunity to point out that some of the better investment opportunities may be in components for various distributed generation (DG) technologies, rather than in the DG OEMs themselves.
  • When the March Venture Capital Journal mentioned that Kleiner has added Bill Joy as a full-time partner, they noted that he will be "focusing his attention partly on energy efficiency -- a major interest of Doerr, too..." Look for even more cleantech activity by KP in the near future, then. One of the more interesting bay area fuel cell startups remains the stealth SOFC company Doerr and others have backed...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings. I found your blog through the Merc. News's SiliconBeat blog.

Is anyone investing in modular battery exchange and recharge systems for electric cars?

It seems as though fuel cells are a long way off. Electric cars, on the other hand, were semi-viable ten years ago, except for the resistance to charging times combined with short distances per charge.

If we had service stations which could robotically echange modular batteries, and then recharge them (underground e.g.), the major impedance to electric vehicle use would be mitigated.

I believe that the first company who develops, supports, patents, and licenses a modular electric vehicle battery standard for automated changing and recharging will have an advantage in the decades to come, especially as oil production capacity is far outstripped by demand over the next few years.

We have modular batteries for essentially all other battery applications. Why not electric vehicles?

7:27 PM  
Blogger Rob Day said...

Very interesting idea. I haven't heard of anyone doing that yet, but that doesn't mean no one's thinking about it...

12:59 PM  

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